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The easiest way to pay for online information or content.

PincodeAccess offers you access to valuable information and all kinds of entertainment on the Internet. Access will be provided by simply using your phone or cellphone.

Our International payment solution provides access to a secured members area using a premium rate telephone number. Access is provided per minute, per download or for a certain period of time. A fixed consumer rate will be charged by the phone company.

If connected through either a regular modem, Cable, DSL or a network a Webpage is shown with a premium rate number and a personal pincode.

Call the number, enter the pincode and get access to the information you were looking for.

  • Pay per Second
  • Pay per Minute
  • Pay per Call
  • Pay per Download
  • Pay per Password
  • Pay per SMS

PincodeAccess offers a guaranteed payout to the Website owner and offers the consumer easy access without providing personal information over the Internet.

PincodeAccess is consumer friendly without any online registration. Secure, simple and discrete.

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